Bogarts Group consists of several companies, partnerships and projects, all connected to provide our clients and partners with the most efficient solutions for the management of their private residences and yachts. We provide with a peace of mind for our clients by working only with trusted partners and adhering to the strictest codes of conduct, ethics and confidentiality.

Bogarts Medical

Our clients usually have entire spa centres in their residences and generally this includes a room destined to aesthetical procedures. Bogarts Medical provides with professional and medical advise on materials, procedures and exploitation of a private cabinet with respect to the official regulations of the location of the residence or private yacht.

Safety & Security

All our clients are very highly esteemed people and always have special needs concerning physical security and safety of the domestic environment and the people that visit it or work in it. Together with our security partners, we provide with a unique ‘Domestic Safety Training’ which prepares the domestic staff for any kind of safety issues related to personal injury, hazard recognition and prevention. All advises on the physical security of our clients are also performed by the same partners and their extensive network worldwide.


Besides the consulting in private household and yachts, we are often requested to consult companies or event organisers for special celebrations and their special needs, such as Michelin starred service. We also advise those people whose private residence is much bigger, more to the size of a city, to make visitors can enjoy it as well with lasting memories. Whenever the most detailed levels of service are required, we are glad to manage the team that makes it happen.


Due to our in-depth knowledge of household operations, we are able to advise architects in the drawing of the plans of new residences and yacht from the perspective of domestic service. If a house is built according to the necessary requirements to provide with the service the owners expect, the house will be ran much more efficient and save a large number of extra costs over time. When a house or boat is built and only afterwards it becomes clear that some mistakes were made in the configuration for the domestic management and -service, the cost of repairing the mistakes in building will be much higher than when only the plans on paper need to be redrawn.


We live etiquette. It is in our blood. With our practical experience of many years, we provide assistance to our esteemed clients, their employees and companies, who desire to understand the finer details that will make the biggest differences and which will make one stand out of the crowd, impress the crowd, or get an important advantage in human interaction. The book «Etiquette: the correct behaviour in everyday life» is only one of the many tools we use in our daily activities to help others be even better than they were the day before.

Service Elite

The most special events require the most attention to detail. A lot of attention is usually given to food preparation and the chef that adds to the prestige, yet the service is often neglected in comparison. Service Elite provides with the highest level of service, tailored to the unlimited expectations of the hosts, creating the service concepts that will impress everyone fortunate enough to witness the occasion.