The book «Etiquette: the Correct Behaviour in Everyday Life» is published in Russia. This is the first book by Maarten Bogaerts, General Director of Bogarts Group, an expert in the field of etiquette, protocol and service. Maarten is also a member of the board of the International AS Pushkin Foundation in Belgium.

It is worth noting that the book was written in Russia and for Russians. The story of its creation began several years ago when in 2006, Maarten visited Russia for the first time, traveling to different cities and meeting different people for more than a month, while completely not knowing the Russian language. This journey determined his future path: the relocation to Russia, study of the Russian language, new professional developments, new meetings, etc. For 15 years already, he has been discovering the history and peculiarities of Russian culture, which, together with his professional experience, formed the basis of his book.

Before moving to Russia, Maarten worked in the royal households of Belgium and Morocco, presidential residences, embassies, and palaces of Arab sheikhs. He knows better than others how to organize an aristocratic reception from a to z, but at the same time he is convinced that today, knowledge of the rules of etiquette is not the prerogative of representatives of high society.

This book is written to be a guide through the basics of modern etiquette and will help the reader to understand the subtleties of correct behaviour in everyday life: whether you are shopping or walking with a child, chatting on social networks or eating in fast food restaurants. Knowing those small subtleties makes a person feel comfortable and confident. Professionals will also find their interest in the book as many topics are treated in-depth for a clear and unified understanding.

In the words of Maarten: «Etiquette is not difficult and boring; it is a pleasant way of life.»