More often than not, the owners of large households with multiple residences, yachts and other assets, lead a very busy life and do not have the time to micro-manage their household operations. When they arrive home, spend time on the yacht, or just have some time off, they need to be able to take their minds off work and their full agenda and let their mind and body rest. If then the household is not running well, if there are difficulties with staff, or materials break on a regular basis, the employer cannot even feel comfortable in his own home.

Especially in large structures, the amount of personal control from the employer becomes very small, due to the sheer size of the assets and the number of staff managing it. One needs trusted people in key positions to make sure the desires of the owner are fulfilled even without him asking for them. Yet, what happens when even the most trusted people can have a bad day, or a few days of weakness?

We provide owners and employers with a peace of mind in terms of their domestic management and household staff. This means we are the external force that provides with an independent and objective assessment of any situation, including conflicts in management, assessment of trusted staff, efficiency control, etc. The best interest of the owners always is our main concern, and therefore, we create trusted, long-term relations with them and always advice on the most efficient solutions no matter where or when they occur.