Just like in grand residences, private yachts also need to operate correctly in order to provide with safe and enjoyable travels to owners and guests. And just like in those big houses, it is nice to see quality building materials, interiors and decorations, but it is so much more enjoyable when there is a feeling of comfort, of warmth and safety which enable the guests to completely relax and enjoy their time to the full.

Even when speaking about charter boats with frequently changing guests, there is always a need for a strong vessel culture, which shape the heart and soul of the boat. Visitors can have completely different requirements, destinations can change overnight, as well as any crazy last-minute requests, yet the soul of the boat should always breathe the comfort any guest is looking for. This cannot be achieved by a training of a few days. Comfort and warmth cannot be taught, they must be gifted. Therefore, we do not do conventional trainings on private yachts, we accompany the crew on their professional journey, advise them on questions they have beyond the realm of a narrow two-day topic, show best practices and let them use decades of experience in service at the highest level. Not to blame them for what they do wrong, but to add to their strengths and excel even more than the day before.

We provide yachts with ongoing support, and if required, we build a foundation and a structure to support the growth of the team. We listen, we advise and together we find solutions, tailored to the accompanied yacht, because no two boats are the same, so are two owners, and so are two trips.