One can never truly impress when the grandest residence with the most expensive materials or the most breath-taking yachts are not managed and operated to the best of their possibilities. The domestic staff has a great responsibility to use premises, materials and professional techniques in such a manner that the owners feel comfortable, not only when relaxing but also when paying the bills.

Owners are not household managers and they have other things to do than to check their domestic management team on their professional duties. Yet, they do need to trust somebody to do it for them as even the most loyal and trustworthy employee might have a light version of tunnel vision, working under the same conditions for a long time. Especially when employing a large number of staff with a big hierarchic structure, it never hurts to have a trusted external advisor to make sure all levels of the household work according to the required standards.

Before advising our clients on any actions or changes in their household organisation, we perform a thorough assessment of the current activities to understand what is working and what is not, in accordance with the requirements of the employers. Assessments can take from one day to more than a week, depending on the size of the assets and their number.

The assessment provides with a breakdown of the most important issues to address to solve recurring problems, to improve the quality of service, to enhance the operational activities, and will provide with a plan to implement the suggested alterations and bring the operations as close as possible to the desired result.