Michelin stars are one of the most prestigious appreciations any restaurant can get. The chef will always receive the most credit or fame, yet one should not forget that stars are not given to places with just good food. The ratings are influenced also by other factors such as the interior, atmosphere, service and materials used. Any high-rated restaurant will always have a team of people behind the success and at the head of this team is a very qualified chef and maître d’hôtel.

For prestigious events, sometimes of very large scale, it happens that the organisers would like to create a Michelin starred dinner for their guests, and it is a common practice to hire chefs with high ratings for these very interesting events. The chef prepares a menu and gives instructions on all things he would need to make magic happen on the plates that will be served during the event. When speaking of events of large size of a few hundred to a few thousand guests, the chef will have a large team of mainly local cooks at his disposal to prepare all the food and dress it on the plates at the time of the event. This practice is very common and can be organised relatively easy. There is, however, one aspect that is forgotten when hiring a chef of great prestige, and that is the service.

The service staff in a Michelin starred restaurant is very good at its job. The earned their stars with it and should get all respect as they work in the shadow of the chef and let him shine when any new milestone has been reached. These highly qualified specialists are excellent at their jobs at their workplace, they helped earn the stars, yet, when the same style of service needs to be translated to a dinner for one thousand guests, or more, they are often not the ones who are most capable to run the operations efficiently. In this case, there is a need for specialists who do not just serve the guests at the events, but make all necessary planning in the smallest details to make sure that the paintings on plates that come out of the kitchens, are put on the table in front of the guests exactly the way the chef had envisioned it, and on the same time portray a touch of elegance, efficiency and awe to the guest.

Any event, no matter how large the number of participants, can become a Michelin starred dinner. It takes thorough preparations by respected specialists, and when executed to perfection, the amazement of the guests and prestige of the organiser will rise even more.

In a restaurant, guests come for the chef, yet they return for the service. At prestigious events, it is great to have a famous chef cooking, yet the experience the service can give to the guests is one that will last in their hearts for a long time and will make them compare any other occasion to that one moment they once experienced when paradise was served on their plate and in their hearts.

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