Only with a strong foundation and a clear structure, one can build a house that stands firm for a long time. If the basics are designed correctly, there are almost no limits to what can be built or added afterwards.
The same thing goes with the foundation and structure of the household management. Whether in residences or on yachts, the lasting success of the residence management directly depends on its basic principles. This is a very personal and meticulous work, often very labour intensive, yet when operated correctly afterwards, it will provide with ever growing possibilities, improvement of efficiency and enhancement of the service levels.

No two Household Management Systems are alike. All of them are tailored to the exact needs of the owners, the physical state of the assets, their number, sizes, usage and locations, current and future staff, options for expansion, operations schedule, etc. The foundation is created with all information the employer provides about likes, dislikes and desires for an ideal household. Working with that, the baseline is created for the entire household operations and domestic culture. After this, the physical places, materials and human resources will be shaped into a structure that will be able to withhold the period of creation and reinforce the further development of the household after completion of the system.

The Household Management System provides with the tools for all domestic staff to work efficiently, yet it also serves as a safety net in case key staff members would leave in a short period of time. Because of the functionality of the system and the extensive reporting, new staff coming in can get a very quick understanding of the structure and foundation of the household and learn the details on the go.

Last but not least, a correctly operated Household Management System provides with a very efficient tool for annual efficiency assessments.